Péter Kőszeghy Somosy de Somos

"Während des Krieges schweigen die Musen, aber in Friedenszeiten sind sie zu gesprächig."

Pavel Kosorin, (*1964), tschechischer Schriftsteller und Aphoristiker

working on

TÜKÖR for alto recorder an CD for Bàlint Kovàcs (Hungary/Austria)


july 18th

PopUP! The Ken Cro-Ken Memorial Foundation, New York, United States

MOLED (Ritual) for flute, viola and violoncello - premiere

played by Eight Strings & a Whistle

may 28th

FIMU Festival - AMPHITHÉÂTRE DE LA CCI, Belfort, France

BOT for trumpet and percussion

played by the Samodai-Szìves Duo

may 27th

FIMU Festival - THÉÂTRE GRANIT, Belfort, France
BOT for trumpet and percussion

played by the Samodai-Szìves Duo

may 19th

Festival "Intersonanzen 2023" - Potsdam Museum, Germany

SEETANG for voice, flute and harp - premiere

played by Trio ARIEL

Anne-May Krüger v., Camilla Hoitenga fl., Héloise Dautry hp.


At this and next year's Quillo Workshop 4.0 I will be a team member for composition. Various

compositions will be created. In addition, compositions for students and for the "Ensemble Quillo"

are created.

In 2023/2024 the Quillo Workshop will be held in the districts of Uckermark, Barnim and Märkisch-Oderland.

The young participants can expect a varied program, in total: fifteen workshop modules. Children and

young people will work together with professional artists, craftspeople and musicians. They will develop

creative content and learn about the individual components of music theater production: from digital work and creative writing, to building instruments and producing sound sequences, to dance, stage construction and scenic realization.


The final result will be a contemporary music theater production, which will be performed April 12th, 2024 at the "Musikakademie Rheinsberg”.